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Duncan Aviation is the largest aircraft parts and components service organization in the business aviation industry; we offer overhauls, repairs, rotables, loaners, exchanges, outright units, avionics, instruments, and technical support to aircraft operators around the world.

We have authorized in-house repair capabilities on more than 45,000 different repair manuals and a huge inventory with more than 485,000 line items valued at more than $45 million.

If we don’t have it in stock, we will find it for you. Our parts sales reps boasts over 500 years of combined experience in aviation and are available 24/7/365 to serve our parts customers around the world.

Contact us 24/7/365 for all your parts and rotables needs.

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Avionics Buy Back

Duncan Aviation Parts & Rotables Sales pays cash for good, serviceable avionics and instrument parts to support our customers’ current and future needs. We seek out and buy excess or surplus inventories of avionics units for all makes of business aircraft, including modifications packages removed for avionics upgrades.

Email an Excel spreadsheet of your parts list, including part numbers to

When the list is received, we will quickly evaluate the part numbers by utilizing an internally designed computer analysis program to formulate our interest in purchasing the parts and the amount of the purchase offer extended.

We are also interested in purchasing surplus inventories of airframe and engine accessory components.

Parts Acquisition and Consignment

At Duncan Aviation, we have extensive experience with managing consigned inventories. Our customer consignment program is designed for excess parts, consumables and components housed at Duncan Aviation.

Since 1985, Duncan Aviation Parts & Rotables Sales has helped thousands of operators clean out their hangars and fill their pockets with millions of dollars by selling their new and surplus parts in the active aviation marketplace.

Customer Consignment Program Benefits:

  • Consigner receives a portion of the proceeds garnered every quarter.
  • All part numbers are published on highly frequented search engines in the aviation industry.
  • All parts are warehoused and insured by Duncan Aviation. Parts are shipped when sold.
  • Customer consignment inventory has exposure to over 21,500 companies, 32,607 aircraft and 65,000 customer contacts, representing 192 countries. All from Duncan Aviation’s customer database.
  • Duncan Aviation is responsible to collect payment for sales transactions.
  • We are working 24/7/365 to sell inventory.

International and AOG Parts & Rotables Sales

Duncan Aviation Parts & Rotables Sales work 24/7/365 to meet the parts and rotables needs of our global industry.

Our dedicated sales reps are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including evenings, weekends and holidays. They specialize in working with international and AOG customers.

International Parts Sales Experience:

  • Managing repairs and overhauls sent to the U.S. to be serviced both by Duncan Aviation and other FAA approved U.S. Repair Stations.
  • Consolidating return shipments of freshly serviced components back to countries all over the world to help customers save on freight.
  • Shipping hazardous material from the U.S. to countries around the world.

Trust us to quickly locate the part(s) you need, and expertly navigate international compliance, customs, shipping requirements and import/export restrictions to fulfill your parts and rotables requests whenever and wherever you are in the world.

Managed Rotable Inventory Program

Duncan Aviation’s Managed Rotable Inventory (MRI) Program allows customers, parts brokers, aircraft operators, aircraft sales organizations and/or vendors to stock their rotable inventory at Duncan Aviation and maintain full ownership while we manage every aspect of its exchange sales.

We will warehouse, market, exchange and ship your inventory anywhere in the world, any time, day or night, while overseeing all the details of getting cores returned and tagged to be received back into your stock to sell again.

Participants in our MRI Program receive the following provisions and more:

  • Duncan Aviation Parts & Rotables Sales Reps available 24/7/365 to sell your exchange inventory.
  • Your inventory insured and stored on-site at Duncan Aviation.
  • All core returns and repairs managed by Duncan Aviation.
  • Your inventory is included in all our marketing efforts, including locator services.
  • Duncan Aviation is responsible to collect payment for the exchange transactions.

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