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Duncan Aviation provides aircraft sales and acquisitions support for business aircraft. We began as an aircraft sales company in 1956, and it's hard to find anyone more experienced or better connected. We use these connections and resources to help our Aircraft Sales customers gain an advantage in the preowned marketplace.

With our aircraft sales consignment services, we reduce the stress of selling a used aircraft by managing the entire sales process, from pricing and advertising to negotiating purchase agreements and closing.

Through our acquisition services, we help those looking to purchase or upgrade aircraft identify the right make and model to best meet their flying mission, obtain that aircraft at the best purchase price and ensure it is equipped to maintain the highest long-term market value.

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Duncan Aviation began as an aircraft sales company in 1956. Since then, we’ve assisted more than 3,000 individuals and businesses around the world buy and sell aircraft.

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Aircraft Acquisition

Acquiring an aircraft that meets your needs and minimizes your risk is time-consuming and complicated. As with any major investment, you should hire a consultant who works in the market full-time.

Our comprehensive acquisition service is designed to consult with you and help you identify your true aircraft needs. Our experts then locate, evaluate and negotiate an aircraft purchase on your behalf. Aircraft magazines and the internet provide limited access to available aircraft, and don’t portray your options on an equal comparison basis. Our acquisition clients receive a spreadsheet analysis that determines individual aircraft values, based on recent sales. This is deeper than Bluebook info and allows for valuing the aircraft with certain modifications and enhancements to give an idea of the total investment already made in each aircraft.

Without professional guidance, you won’t know how good your aircraft purchase was until you try to re-sell it.

Business Jet Model/Market Summary

When acquiring or upgrading a business aircraft, selecting the right make/model is one of your most important decisions. Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team can help you narrow your selection with the use of a comprehensive and up-to-date Model/Market Summary. The summary data is compiled for the light jet, mid-size jet and long-range jet categories.

The Model/Market Summary is sorted by the seats-full range for aircraft built in the last decade. It displays one-line descriptions detailing several attributes, including the following:

  • Years Produced
  • Vref Price Range
  • Variable Cost / Hour
  • Normal Cruise Speed
  • Cabin Volume / Length / Height
  • Expected Avionics
  • Average Fuel Burn
  • Pilots Required

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The Model/Market Summary is updated twice a year by Duncan Aviation's Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team. If you would like to receive the latest edition as soon as it released, click Subscribe.

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Our Team

Duncan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team is comprised of technical aircraft sales consultants, each with an average 25 years of aviation experience. Backed by in-house flight operations staff and 2,150 airframe, engine and avionics technical specialists located around the world, Duncan Aviation’s aircraft sales and acquisition representatives have first-hand access to the aircraft marketplace unmatched by any other broker or acquisition organization. These resources provide insight into desired options, upcoming mandates, maintenance forecasts and business relationships.

Trust, speed and accurate information are critical in any transaction. The Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions team has 24/7 direct access to the industry’s most experienced aircraft support technical experts. This unique relationship provides customers with accurate and timely data and information regarding aircraft specifications, systems and work scopes. Customers can also receive fast and detailed price quotes and cost estimates that allow them to confidently compare service quotes and make informed decisions for their business.

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Ethics Statement

Duncan Aviation asks its team members to agree to a strict Code of Conduct. We believe our most valuable and fundamental asset is our reputation, which depends on the integrity and judgment of each of our team members. The essential message underlying the Code is that no one should ever sacrifice his or her integrity, whether for personal gain or a perceived benefit to Duncan Aviation’s business. We believe that the individual ethical conduct and judgment of our team members contributes greatly to our overall success.

Therefore, we support the National Business Aviation Association's (NBAA) guidance statement called, “Ethical Business Aviation Transactions.”

As a founding member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association, we also follow the IADA Code of Ethics.


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