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More Than Skin Deep

Paint, Maintenance & Turbine Aircraft Value

Aircraft paint can beautifully reflect hours of painstaking care and preparation. Or it can cover a multitude of sins. The trouble is, you can’t always tell which applies to your aircraft until weeks or even months after the job is finished.

To maintain the bottom line, owners and operators are frequently enticed by lower aircraft painting costs. What they don’t know about the low-cost differences can ultimately cost more than expected. More than one aircraft has been stripped for new paint only to discover extensive corrosion and hefty structural repair costs. Those damages—and costs—can be prevented.

This field guide explores routine maintenance and turbine aircraft market value, paint processes, and criteria to consider when selecting an aircraft paint service provider.

Duncan Aviation continuously strives to be the voice of clarity in the acronym-happy aviation industry. Our free whitepaper Field Guides are an aircraft operator's source for information about important topics in business aviation, and are written in clear, concise, no-nonsense language.

Since the 1990s, we have been publishing the slightly more technical Field Guide documents to address complicated avionics mandates and other industry initiatives. Our goal is to educate customers so they can make the most informed decisions possible for their aircraft, passengers and company. Authored by Duncan Aviation’s technical experts, operators can call and speak with these experts anytime they wish for clarification for more information.

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