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HD Cabin Entertainment Upgrades

Requirements, Upgrade Paths & Alternatives

Many aircraft owners are requesting access to the same quality of entertainment in-flight as they do at home. Widescreen monitors, media servers, Blu-ray players and the ability to use and stream media with personal computers is now an expectation. These systems are also expected to look and sound good.

To achieve an in-flight entertainment system that meets these expectations, modernizing the aircraft cabin with High-Definition (HD) systems is necessary. But the upgrade involves more than just monitors. When planning a cabin HD upgrade, it’s essential to understand the installation requirements, upgrade paths and the alternatives available. Expandability, residual value, passenger needs and mission objectives are also important to take into consideration.

Written by industry experts, this document explores HD cabin entertainment upgrades for business aircraft, system compatibility, project considerations,upgrade alternatives, equipment and wiring, and certification requirements.

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