Duncan Aviation is the world’s largest privately owned business jet support facility. We provide business aircraft operators with every aircraft service they need. Yet we do so with the friendliness and responsiveness of a small-town company.

Customers often visit our major MRO facilities in Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Provo, Utah, and are surprised at our vast array of services, our innovative solutions and our excellent customer service.

We provide aircraft acquisition & sales, airframe & engine maintenance, avionics installations, interior & paint completions/modifications, avionics/instrument/accessory repairs & overhauls and parts support for Bombardier, Dassault, Textron, Gulfstream and Embraer manufactured aircraft. Our 20+ avionics satellites and 16 engine Rapid Response offices provide avionics and engine services in the field for scheduled and AOG work. And our parts team provides 24/7/365 support worldwide with knowledgeable reps who answer the phone day or night.

Our people have a passion for aviation and for serving customers. They are among the most experienced in the industry and the quality of the service they provide is among the best in the world.

Brand Promise / Core Values / Diversity Statement

Duncan Aviation has team members around the world. We all have diverse backgrounds, but a common thread that ties us together is an inherent sense to do the right thing and a professional, positive attitude. It’s the people within a company who create a strong brand. Our people are talented, dedicated and special. They care about our customers and they are mindful to create an exceptional experience.

Brand Promise

Duncan Aviation is committed to provide an experience unlike any other to owners and operators of business aircraft.   We do this by providing personalized expertise, innovative services and ongoing support.

Core Values

At Duncan Aviation, We:

  • Deliver high-quality products and services.
  • Charge fair prices and provide efficient turntimes.
  • Lead through action and innovation.
  • Focus on solutions and offer positive suggestions.
  • Respect others and are accountable for our actions.
  • Maintain a team approach.
  • Value honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust.
  • Promote safety, health and wellness.
  • Support our communities and respect the environment.
  • Are proud to be the best at what we do.

Diversity Statement

Duncan Aviation believes it is good business and social policy to have a diverse work force that reflects the community in which we live and the
worldwide community we serve. We view the principle of equal employment opportunity as a vital element in the employment process and a good
leadership practice.

Duncan Aviation defines diversity as a collective mixture of differences among team members including individual characteristics, values, beliefs,
experiences, backgrounds, and preferences.

Duncan Aviation defines inclusion as intentionally supporting and respecting all individual characteristics, beliefs, experiences, and backgrounds.
We believe in cultivating an inclusive culture throughout the organization that reflects our core values by listening to diverse voices and promoting practices where we empower multifaceted individuals to be their authentic self.

Community Outreach

The Duncan Family Trust was created more than a decade ago as a way for the Duncan family to give back to the communities that help contribute to Duncan Aviation's ongoing success.

The mission of the Duncan Family Trust is to enhance the quality of education, create positive change in the community, increase awareness and interest in the aviation industry and support the arts in Lincoln, Nebraska, Battle Creek, Michigan, and Provo, Utah.

To learn more about the Duncan Family Trust and what it has accomplished over the years, visit http://www.duncanfamilytrust.org/

Senior Leadership Team

Since Duncan Aviation was founded in 1956, the members of the Duncan family have always been actively involved in leading the company. In addition to the family influence, the company’s leadership dynamic includes vice presidents and executive officers of Duncan Aviation who form the Senior Leadership Team. They pursue a constructive dynamic that allows them to strategically position the company for long-term success and respond to sudden changes in the industry.

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We are proud of our innovative solutions, our knowledgeable people and the friendly environments we have at Duncan Aviation. However, these things don’t mean anything until they come together, culminating in a great experience for a customer.

We receive emails, letters and phone calls every day from customers who want to thank certain team members, and the company, for a job well done. Here is a small compilation of some of those comments.

In 2013, Brazilian Chief Mechanic Iran Morais first took his company's Global Express to Duncan Aviation. The project was so well done that he has continued to have Duncan Aviation service the Global and Falcon 2000 under his care. He has this to say about working with Duncan Aviation: "Ultimately, a big portion of our satisfaction is related to the personal customer support we receive. We work very closely with Allan Orsi, Duncan Aviation's South American Regional Manager, and Steve Snyder, a Duncan Aviation Project Manager. They are always available to help with any concerns or issues. In addition, myDuncan, an online project management tool, has been essential in allowing me to follow my current aircraft service events and communicate with technicians in a timely manner. Duncan Aviation is excellent and the number of aircraft flying to the United States for service there proves it."

When looking for a maintenance facility for our Legacy, I wanted to work with an organization that has an easy to use communication system, experienced and friendly personnel. I was pleasantly surprised by my first visit to Duncan Aviation. The facilities are large and encompass complete business aircraft capabilities, and I continue to have access to my airplane. myDuncan, the online project management system, is the best way to manage, control, communicate and record all of my aircraft project events. In the end, my invoice was not a surprise because of the real-time approved work and progression chart. The positive attitude from everyone you deal with at Duncan Aviation creates a great maintenance experience.
Fabio Moritz, Legacy Operator

When we first started looking for a company to complete this paint job, we immediately thought of Duncan Aviation. The designers were very creative in determining out how to accomplish this very intricate pattern, and once we saw what they could do, we knew we had made the right choice.
Duncan Aviation went out of their way to deliver the aircraft on time and with top-quality work. The design team understood from the first moment how the end product should look, and after several modifications, they were able to deliver the most spectacular airplane we have ever had. It certainly turns heads in any airport where we land.
Because our complicated design required some extra work and some follow-up touch-ups, we don’t think we could have found a better company to work with. We were pleased with the exceptional customer service, which extended beyond the initial delivery date.
Nataly and Ernst Langner, Bombardier Global 5000 Owner/Pilots

“The personal relationships make it easy to get in touch with the right people when there are issues. And, let’s face it, there are always going to be issues. It’s important to me to know Arjen, Alan and Shawn so well I can reach any of them at any time. I don’t want to have to go through a layer of people who don’t know me or care about me or my aircraft. I want to go to them directly, and I can and do.”
Klaus Rasmussen, Technical Manager - Air Alsie, Denmark

We enjoy working with Duncan Aviation because their team is well educated and we always receive professional and competent support. We look forward to working with Duncan Aviation on more projects in the future.
The friendly and competent sales and support teams at Duncan Aviation are appreciated by our logistics department. Duncan Aviation’s availability of spare parts and knowledge in international shipments provides us excellent support.
Extensive projects involving engineering support from Duncan Aviation are handled professionally and there is always a solution oriented team from Duncan Aviation available for answering our questions.
Edgar Boehlke, Managing Director - Beechcraft Berlin Aviation GmbH, Germany

Duncan Aviation’s customer base extends far beyond what I can reach in Germany. They have the opportunity and ability to sell parts that we cannot.
Through Duncan Aviation’s consignment program, operators have a chance to profit from items that they would otherwise consider scrap. I could not have generated this money in sales in Europe. After many years, I find Duncan Aviation to be an excellent partner, serious and fair with everything. Take your surplus inventory, put it in a box and send it to Duncan Aviation today!
Dieter Griesel, Board of Directors Member - Global Aviation and Piper Parts, Germany and United Kingdom

Everyone at Duncan Aviation treats me like I belong. I can walk around the facility and have never felt like I did not belong or should not be there. Customers are welcome in the facility and have free access to their aircraft and the teams who work on them. I always look forward to returning to Lincoln, receiving top-notch maintenance and visiting friends.
I appreciate the access that I can have to my project when I’m not at the facility. The myDuncan application has been created by Duncan Aviation with customers’ needs in mind. I can go over everything with the project team, take some time to make the proper decision and then approve or disapprove items on myDuncan. The system allows easy access to project information and provides interactive management tools from anywhere.
Jeff Duvall, Chief Pilot - Integrated Management Services, LLC, United States

On my first trip to Duncan Aviation, I was flying cross country in a Cessna 180 when I landed in Lincoln for fuel. I was immediately impressed by its size, courtesy and how efficiently things operated.
Then there came a need to purchase an aircraft. I found a Falcon 50, but wanted another set of eyes to help me assess the aircraft. I thought of Duncan Aviation first.
I had always been awed with the many things that Duncan Aviation offered to an operator and assumed that the Aircraft Sales and Acquisition team would surely offer the same courteous support. I was not disappointed.
Purchasing an aircraft is complicated, but having someone who knows what they are doing makes it so much easier. Everyone I have ever worked with from Duncan Aviation has been professional. They have high quality people, with high standards and excellent work ethic.
Franklin Graham, President and Pilot - Samaritan’s Purse, United States


history2Iowa farmer and automobile salesman Donald Duncan learned how to fly in the 1950s. As he gained aircraft experience and developed deep friendships with aviators, he hear d business operators asking to utilize aircraft as business tools. In 1956, he acted, buying into the Beechcraft distributorship that would become Duncan Aviation.

Since then, customers have asked for solutions and services. We have listened and acted. Together, we have accomplished much, transforming from an aircraft sales business to a world renowned, full-service company. Some highlights in this journey include the following:

  • 1956 – Aircraft salesman Donald Duncan begins Duncan Aviation as a Beechcraft distributor
  • 1963 – Duncan Aviation opens its fuel service and maintenance location at Lincoln Airport in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • 1966 – Duncan Aviation opens its avionics and instrument repair shop
  • 1978 – Duncan Aviation opens its accessory repair shop
  • 1979 – Duncan Aviation opens its paint shop
  • 1981 – Duncan Aviation starts repairing and inspecting engines
  • 1981 – Duncan Aviation begins interior completions work
  • 1984 – Duncan Aviation begins parts consignment services
  • 1985 – Duncan Aviation opens its first avionics satellite location
  • 1992 – Duncan Aviation begins it's aircraft acquisition service
  • 1998 – Duncan Aviation acquires a second MRO facility in Battle Creek, Michigan
  • 2000 – Duncan Aviation opens its first engine Rapid Response team offices
  • 2006 – myDuncan, internet-based project management team is developed
  • 2009 – Duncan Aviation receives approval as a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and Major Repair and Alterations (MRA) ODA (Organization Designation Authorization)
  • 2010 – Duncan Aviation opens its Provo, Utah location
  • 2011 - Duncan Aviation adds Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) to its ODA
  • 2012 – Duncan Aviation adds live 24/7/365 support for parts/components
  • 2014 – Duncan Aviation adds in-field interior services to service capabilities
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Ethics Statement

Duncan Aviation asks its team members to agree to a strict Code of Conduct. We believe our most valuable and fundamental asset is our reputation, which depends on the integrity and judgment of each of our team members. The essential message underlying the Code is that no one should ever sacrifice his or her integrity, whether for personal gain or a perceived benefit to Duncan Aviation’s business. We believe that the individual ethical conduct and judgment of our team members contributes greatly to our overall success.

Therefore, we support the National Business Aviation Association's (NBAA) guidance statement called, “Ethical Business Aviation Transactions.”

As a founding member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association, we also follow the IADA Code of Ethics.


Media Kit

Our Media Kit page contains a brief overview of Duncan Aviation and our history as well as a logo package, photo downloads, and press and media contacts.